Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays! - Thank You!

2010 was a year of great accomplishments and I would like to thank all of my amazing clients, new and old for making my enriching my life both professionally and personally. 

4Diaz Vargas~ Jose-Guillermo, Allan, Niki, Michelle, Ajonel, Marta, Luis and Zeli...thank You for being a wonderful family and making work so much fun.
Paulo Quevedo~ Thank You for believing in me, the adventures, making me laugh all the time, and most of all thank you for your advice and your valuable friendship. Te ReQuiero Mi Pau!
Angie Escamilla~ thank You for your friendship and loyalty. Gracias por ser como eres! Te Quiero Amiguita
Geraldine Zivic~Mi Reina Preciosa, gracias por creer en mi sin conocerme en persona, por tu paciencia y por ser tan maravillosa. TQM GERI! 
Patricia de Leon~ Thank You for choosing me without even knowing me, that trip to NY was awesome because I met you. Your character and willingness is an inspiration. De verdad que gracias por todo. Te Quiero Patito!
Chef Ze Carlos~Gracias por tambien creer en mi, por tu perseverancia y entusiasmo. Te Quiero!

May 2011 be a year filled with Health, Happiness, Success and Blessings!!! I look forward to working with You for a very long time!!!

"Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last." Hamilton Holt 

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