Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Making people believe your side of the story

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When you're in a negative situation, how do you make people believe you and your side of the story?

Obviously, trust is extremely important in relationships, including business relationships. When rumors abound, no one will believe the truth unless they have established trust with the business.

Rumors often start with a small kernel of truth that gets blown out of proportion and elaborated upon. If there is a tiny bit of truth in a rumor, you have a responsibility as a business spokesperson to step forward and admit that small piece of information. By doing this, you automatically gain credibility because you are willing to admit what is going on.

People tend to believe those who can be critical of themselves, which also applies to a business admitting they made a mistake. Of course, as soon as you admit this tiny kernel of truth, you need to reassure your public that you are remedying the situation to your best ability. But having the guts to discuss the truth in a rumor gives you the credibility that will allow people to believe your side of the story.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Write a Perfect Post ?


Writing a Blog Post isn’t as easy as its said.. Of course theirs a difference between writing some article and clicking the publish button and A Perfect Blog Post. Today while I was surfing through some nice blogs I wondered why not share with my readers How to Write a Perfect Blog Post ? Let’s see what requires A Perfect Post.

An Image in a Post:
No, this is not a dummy post as used for Wordpress Themes. For me, an Image is a must for any post you write. Nobody likes boring alphabets crawling all over the computer screen. Image refreshes as well as explains the idea of your Post in a couple of seconds (with the help of title). One image must be there at the top of any Post you write and if you write it long enough. Maybe more than 350-400 words adding another small image in between would be great.

Content is King:
Yup, I know everybody is bored hearing that. But this title describes it the best. The better your content is the more traffic you generate and the longer your readers stay. Let’s say if a user visits your site accidentally or even any of your links followed him here, its your content that will make him decide, Stay, Will come later on or just Go back with no return. Approximately you have 8 seconds to make the viewer believe he really needs to stay.

The first top screen of your blog/web (from where the scrolling starts) is the area where you have to take a lot of care putting links, navigation and your Post. This is the area for the first looks of a new visitor and you’ve to grab him !

Formatting Your Post:
Use Headings e.g.

to divide your Posts.
Use Bullet or un-ordered lists for writing Points.
I prefer don’t use H1 tag in between your Posts. H1 tag is best for main title of your Post only, I recommend use h2 tag for main headings and then fall down to h3 and h4 for sub headings as per their requirement.
Use Bold, Italic where required or you think should be different from the rest.
Use blockquotes if you want to quote someone’s saying, a definition or a code, etc.
Watch your Tone:
As discussed above, no doubt Content is King. But don’t follow it so much that your articles become full of boredom. Write some examples of your life add some expressions and feelings to the articles. You can read more about the Writing Tone here.

Write for your Readers as well as Search Engines:
As obvious, everybody wants Search Engine Traffic. But Search Engine Traffic is of no use if a user comes at your web and goes with no return. Write in a way that can make your Readers as well as your Search Engine happy. Enriching your Post with targeted keywords as well as using a perfect tone with them can do the job.

Link Resources:
Readers love resources, link’em at the very end of your Post. Regarding to your topic, link to ebooks, tutorias, some other top articles of the same niche. You can also link to your own written articles on the same web/blog. That can help you promote your old content as well as help your readers read more at your blog.

Indulge your Viewers:
Indulge your readers into discussion. Ask them questions, suggestions or may be put a small poll. For example you write a Post about Twitter, you can ask your readers to add views as well as your twitter IDs to follow at the end of your Post. I’m damn sure if one doesn’t wants to leave a comment, he’s for sure going to leave his Twitter ID.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Looking for Sponsor(s) for EMI Music's Latin GRAMMY After Party!!!!

If you or anyone you know is interested, please send me an email -

....Some Facts About the Event.....

November 5th, 2009
Time: Immediately following ceremony
Location: ROK Vegas patio at NY NY Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV

~Exclusive red carpet event celebrating EMI nominees to the 10th annual Latin GRAMMYS
~Attendees to include talent, EMI executives, industry VIPs, media and tastemakers

The exclusive EMI Latin GRAMMY after party will take place immediately following the ceremony with confirmed attendance by EMI’s A-List talents including:

Alejandra Guzman


Enrique Bunbury

Aleks Syntek



Shaila Durcal


As an exclusive sponsor of the event, your brand will receive:
“Presenting Sponsor” designation Logo attribution and/or mention on all event official material including invite, press releases, email blasts, etc.
Logo attribution on red carpet backdrop
Visible signage throughout venue
Opportunity to gift talent with product
Access to VIP area to 6 brand executives
Logo attribution on wristbands (Must be provided by brand)
Opportunity to serve product on site (Must be provided by brand)

Confirmed outlets providing exclusive coverage at after party red carpet include:
o CNN en Espanol
o Escandalo TV (Telefutura)
o El Gordo y la Flaca (Univision)
o Televisa
o Azteca America
o People en Espanol
o Wireimage
o Mun2
o MTV3
o Acceso Total (Telemundo)
o and many more!

send me an email for more