Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Even Bother Pitching to the Media?

I came across this great post by Manminder Dhillon and wanted to share it with you!

Why Even Bother Pitching to the Media?

Here are seven reasons why and how the phone still works.
by Manminder Dhillon
Intelectasia Consultancy

Pitching is an important element of media relations strategy. But many still rely on traditional form of sending in boring and lengthy press releases.

Why even bother pitching when emailing and faxing in is so much easier?

Well, if you still have that mindset, then it is time to change. I will share seven reasons why you should pick up the phone and pitch your story.

1. Attract attention: The media is often overloaded with so many invitations, press releases and emails. By pitching, you automatically bring their attention to your story.

2. Communicate directly: By pitching, you are communicating to the journalists and editors. This will make them aware of your organization. Not only it will put a human touch to your press release or invitation, it shows that you are taking the initiative to contact them.

3. Stressing important elements: When you pitch, you actually highlight the important elements of your event directly, sometimes these are the same things that would have been neglected by the busy eyes of a hurried journalist or editor.

4. Direct confirmation: This is the best part. When you pitch, you will coax the media to cover your event, you will know immediately whether they will be covering your event or not. If yes, well done. If not, you can at least try different media outlets.

5. Re-sell: Sometimes a press release, invitation or story maybe rejected, by pitching you allow an open discussion with the journalist or editors on how to re-angle your story. This may just be a lucky break.

6. Learning: When pitching, you actually learn what the media really wants. For example “We do write these types of stories anymore” or “This is not what we are looking for.” You immediately learn what the specific media’s needs and wants are. The next time, you will not waste their time and yours.

7. Making contacts: Pitching opens avenues for future contacts.

When you call and speak to a certain journalist or editor, you are actually taking the first step of making a connection.

Even if they say no, you can always ask what types of stories they are looking for, how else can you help them. Take the opportunity to make small conversations, ask their personal phone numbers or better still ask them out for lunch.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fourdiaz vargas Proudly Coordinates “Castrol 2010 RBR CCSA”


fourdiaz vargas Proudly Coordinates “Castrol 2010 RBR CCSA”

MIAMI, FL~ March 17,2010~ fourdiaz vargas (www.fourdiazvargas.com) was responsible of the design look and feel, planning, coordination and execution of a three day event titled Castrol 2010 RBR (Regional Business Review) CCSA (Caribbean, Central & South America) held from March 2nd through the 4th at the Sofitel Hotel in Miami.

The theme of the RBR was “Rigor and Passion” part of the current communication platform for Castrol’s 2010 FIFA World Cup™ sponsorship. The concept of Rigor and Passion captures the brand’s essence that comes from the duality of their rigorous approach to work and the passion which enables Castrol to deliver a winning performance.

“The level of support from fourdiaz vargas was outstanding. fourdiaz vargas is more than an agency, they are an integral part of our team.” said Eric Pfaeffle, BP Lubricants, CCSA-Central America Marketing Manager.

The guests of the event came from all over Latin America and also included BP’s highest levels of management from the Americas Leadership team, which included the executives of all functions, from sales, finance, marketing and Human Resources.

"2010 is all about Castrol and the World Cup. We are thrilled to be able to work with Castrol on such an important initiative." said Jose-Guillermo Diaz, principal/creative fourdiaz vargas.

For key football insights, please go to www.castrolfootball.com or in Spanish at www.castrolfutbol.com.

About Castrol
Castrol’s commercial success is characterized by their ability to deliver improved performance through the application of research, technology development and innovation. This has helped Castrol deliver superior performing lubricants for over 100 years. This has resulted in the development of such brands as Castrol EDGE, Castrol GTX, Castrol GTX High Mileage and Castrol Power 1. Castrol believes that by applying the same principles to football that they do in the development of their lubricants, they can enhance the fans’ experience and bring a new and intriguing point of view to the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

About fourdiaz l vargas llc
Established in 2002, fourdiaz l vargas llc (www.fourdiazvargas.com ) is a marketing communications and business development firm, located in Miami with offices in San Antonio, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida. Our agency focus is in developing relevant Hispanic Market communication strategies and providing our Client the tools to successfully execute these plans. Among our satisfied clients we count: BP/Castrol, Swisher International, Disney Latin America, General Hotel and Restaurant Supply and Condista.

For more information or to schedule an interview with fourdiaz vargas principal/creative Jose-Guillermo Diaz please contact:

Aïda Phillips
public & media relations
305 785 6039
fourdiaz vargas llc
[ being hispanic is a culture and not a language ]

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is filled with so many opportunities....you just need to look out for them!!!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting anything for a while. I have been busy creating possibilities in both my personal and professional life and I am hoping you are too!

With that said, I ask that you please join my Aida's ChocoFlan fan page on FaceBook, I am really trying to create more business with one of my passions -baking my grandmother's recipe. Please stay tuned for a lot of exciting news in the Phillips-Shalkow family. I know that all of you will be very happy for us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog (posts), and I look forward to read your comments.

With much Love,